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Create Cisco Spark Rooms and Change a Room Name

Start chatting with someone 1-to-1 or create a room and start chatting with a group of people. There are a few ways to do that.
  • Click the big plus sign in the Recents list to start a new conversation or room.
    Using Cisco Spark for Mac, click the compose icon in the Recents list.
  • Or click the Add People icon in the Room Details when using Cisco Spark for Web to create a group room from an existing 1-to-1 conversation.
Now enter the names or email addresses of the people to add and Go Chat! Or you can choose someone from the list of recommended people.

For rooms, add at least two other people and give the room a name.  Your 1-to-1 conversations automatically get the name of the other person. If you already have a 1-to-1 conversation with the first person you add when creating a room, that existing conversation may appear on screen until you add a second person. Continue adding people and the name will change.

For the mobile apps, the room is created when you send your first message from the message composer.

TIP: Using Cisco Spark for Web, you can enter up to 50 email addresses, separated by semi-colons.

Invite People from Outside your Company

Add as many people as you want from within your company's domain. And you can invite people from outside your company too. If you're a paid Cisco Spark subscriber, a yellow notification appears above the conversation area in rooms with external participants. For more information about external participant notifications, read more.

Change the Room Name

To change the name of a room, just select it and enter a new one. For the mobile apps, go to the Room Details and tap the room name to change it. All 1-to-1 conversations take the name of the other person by default and you can't change that. 

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