Cisco Spark

Add Someone to a Room

Anyone in an unlocked room can add other people from the Room Details. However, you can't add people to a private 1-to-1 conversation and turn it into a room for a group of people.

To add someone to a group room, select the Add People icon in the Room Details.

In Cisco Spark for Windows and Mac, click the People icon above the conversation area.

You won't see the icon to add people if the room is locked. In that case you need to ask the room moderator to add someone for you. For information about locked rooms for paid subscribers, read more

Enter the email address or the name of the person you want to add in the "Add people by name or email" area. If their name is found, it appears in the search results and you can select them. If the person isn't found, you can manually enter their full email address.

When you are done adding people, tap OK or choose the check mark if you have that option.

TIP: Using Cisco Spark for Web, you can enter up to 50 email addresses, separated by semi-colons.

You can't invite people to join a room using an email distribution list.

Want to remove someone from a room? Read more.

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