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Cisco Spark Call on the IP Phone 7800 and 8800 and ATA 190 Series

Cisco Spark call provides a lot of features to help you get through your busy work day. Are you on the go a lot? Set up single number reach so you can answer calls from your mobile phone. Do you like to stand d...

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Cisco Spark Room Devices Guide

Using a Cisco Spark room device is a snap. Even so, most people like to know the capabilities and features of the tools they use for business. How do you share content from your laptop? How do you use the remot...

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Get More Support Articles for Phones, ATAs, and Room Devices in Help Central

Need info about the Cisco IP Phone 7800 and 8800 Series phones, analog telephone adapter, or Cisco room devices? Use the links below to learn more: Getting Started with your phone:

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Cisco Spark for Windows is not Pairing with Cisco Spark Board

If you can't pair your Cisco Spark Windows app with Cisco Spark Board, you can check to make sure everything is set up right: Make sure proximity pairing is turned on in your app. To access your audio settin...

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Connect to a Cisco Spark Room Device Manually

Cisco Spark for Windows connects to a room device automatically. You can also pair it with the device manually by being near it and knowing its name. 1 Go to , choose the device drop-down list, and select Sear...

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