Cisco Spark

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Mute Yourself or Others in a Cisco Spark Meeting or Call

No one wants to hear background noise in a Cisco Spark call or meeting. You can mute yourself or others so that everyone can concentrate on what's being discussed.

Note: If you're using Cisco Spark for Web, you can mute yourself but not other people.

While you're on a call or in a meeting, just select Mute  to mute yourself or someone else.

To mute yourself, select Mute at the bottom of the meeting window. You know it's working when the button turns red .

To mute someone else, go the activity menu , choose People , right-click or tap the person's name, and then select Mute.

If you want to unmute yourself or others, select UnMute. Others can hear you when the Mute button turns grey .

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