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See Who's in Your Cisco Spark Meeting

When you're in a Cisco Spark meeting, you can quickly see who's in the meeting and who isn't, and which room devices have joined. You can also see which people in your meeting aren't members of your space or organization.
  1. After your meeting starts, go to the People list. If it's not already open, go to the activity menu    and then choose People .
  2. In the People list, look at these categories to see who's in your meeting:
    • Participants—This list includes people who have joined the meeting. The word Guest appears next to the names of any people who aren't members of your space. People who aren't part of your organization have their email addresses listed next to their names. The Participants list also shows the names of any Cisco Spark room devices or other video systems that have joined the meeting. If any participants have paired their Cisco Spark app with one of the room devices, their name appears under that room device name.
    • Not Joined—This list includes members of the space who haven't joined the meeting yet. It also lists people who joined the meeting for a while, but then left.

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