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What's New in Cisco Spark (UI, Meetings, Spark Board, and Whiteboard)

Make Sure You're Contacting the Right Person

Date: 6/7/2017

Make sure you're contacting the right person before you reach out! You now have the option of looking at someone's contact card to see their profile picture up close, get their email address, and have a look at their availability. You can even message or call them right from there.

For more information, check out our Help article here: Verify Who You're Contacting.

Automatically Join a Meeting from a Proximity-Paired Device

Date: 4/27/2017

Running late for a Cisco Spark meeting? If the meeting has started and someone has already joined from a Cisco Spark Room Device, you can join that meeting automatically so you don't miss anything important.

After you've joined the meeting, view the video of people in the meeting or see someone's shared screen. You can also mute yourself or other people and devices and you can adjust the volume so you can hear the meeting more comfortably.

People and Spaces Split

Date: 4/14/2017

We've grouped your spaces into two lists. Conversations you're in with one person directly are listed under People and spaces that you're a member of are now grouped together in the Spaces area.

Updates to Profile Pictures for Status

Date: 4/14/2017

We've added status information to the way we show profile pictures and at a glance you can tell when people are active or out of the office.
Profile Image States
Profile Image State  Status
 Active and online
 Not active for up to 24 hours
 Not active for more than 24 hours
 Do Not Disturb
Out of Office

For more information, see Your Status on Cisco Spark.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar with Cisco Spark for Mac

Date: 4/14/2017

With Cisco Spark for Mac, you can now take advantage of the Touch Bar on your Apple MacBook Pro (2016).

See your space's files, or list of members with a single tap. Place calls and share your screen with other devices.

Just open Cisco Spark for Mac and see your touch bar light up with these new options:
  • In a space, you'll see the activity icons.
  • On a call, you'll see the mute and and end call icons.
  • If paired with a device, you'll see the share screen icon.

Change the Emergency Services Address of Your Devices

Date: 3/17/2017

Up until now, you've only been able to specify one address for emergency services regardless of how many devices you have. You now have the option to set different addresses for different devices based on their location.

For more information, see Change Your Work Address for Emergency Services.

Answer Cisco Spark Calls Automatically

Date: 2/20/2017

Turn on the auto answer feature so that incoming calls to your desk phone ring once and connect right away. You can even choose whether to hear call audio on your phone headset or speaker.

For more information, see Answer Cisco Spark Calls Automatically

Out of Office: Let People Know When You're Away

Date: 2/15/2017

Cisco Spark displays your Out of Office updates when you set them on Microsoft Outlook. In Cisco Spark, people in your organization will be able to see your out of office status:
  • When they @mention you.
  • In your personal space title when they message you directly.
  • When they see your name in a spaces's People list.
  • In the results list when they search for your name.
The Out of Office updates are available if your calendar is integrated with Cisco Spark. If you're unsure about your setup, contact your administrator for help.

For more information, see Let Others See When You're on Cisco Spark.

New Activity Based Design

Date: 1/24/2017

We've introduced a new user interface!

  • Use the activity menu to access core Cisco Spark activities: Message, Call, Meetings, People, Files, and Whiteboard.

  • Get easier access to Messages, Teams, and Call.

  • Sort through your content with filters for All, Unread, People, Favorites, @Mentions, and Flags.

  • Give yourself some quiet time with the Do Not Disturb status

  • Search for people, messages, and files.

Enhanced Cisco Spark Meetings

Date: 1/24/2017

We’ve also enhanced Cisco Spark Meeting with improvements to video and content sharing. You can now also:

  • View meeting participants and mute from Cisco Spark on your Windows or Mac computer.

  • Mute and volume control of a Cisco Spark room device directly from the Cisco Spark app.

Cisco Spark Board: A Physical Extension to your Cisco Spark App

Date: 1/24/2017

The Spark Board is an all-in-one digital whiteboard, presentation screen and video conferencing tool. See it as a physical extension to your Cisco Spark app. When you are close to a Spark Board, your app automatically pairs with it, and you can open a space on the Spark Board to not only make calls or present content from your device, but also work with whiteboards and files directly in the space. All new files or whiteboards are automatically saved in the space you’re working in so you can take it with you when you leave the room. For more information, see the Cisco Spark Board Release Notes.


Whiteboard on Cisco Spark

Date: 1/24/2017

In addition to existing collaboration possibilities such as sharing files and sending messages, the new whiteboard activity gives you another way to work with your colleagues. You can quickly create visuals and share them in your spaces or with your team during a call. For more information, see Use the Whiteboard to Collaborate on Cisco Spark.

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