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What's New in Cisco Spark (UI, Meetings, Spark Board, and Whiteboard)

We want to make sure that you know about the major updates made available in Cisco Spark for the past 90 days or so. You can always check the latest release notes to see more detailed information about the smaller and more frequent updates to the app.

Change the Way You Answer Calls

August 29, 2017

You can now change how you get Cisco Spark calls when your iPhone or iPad is locked. If you prefer unlocking your screen to answer a call, you can turn off the feature Answer Spark Calls on Lock Screen. When you turn off this feature, your incoming calls will look like pop-up notifications instead of regular calls.

For more information, see Prevent Incoming Calls on Locked Screen on Cisco Spark for iPhone and iPad.

Have Fun with Emojis

August 17, 2017

We’ve got big news for Windows 10 users - you can now be expressive with emojis on Cisco Spark. Whether you’re a Windows 10 or Mac user, you can now just click the emoji icon in the message area to add some fun to your content. You can also use emojis to make your team and space names pop!

For more information, see Add Fun to Your Messages with Emojis.

Make Sure You're Contacting the Right Person

Date: 6/7/2017

Make sure you're contacting the right person before you reach out! You now have the option of looking at someone's contact card to see their profile picture up close, get their email address, and have a look at their availability. You can even message or call them right from there.

For more information, check out our Help article here: Verify Who You're Contacting.

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