Cisco Spark

Getting Started with the Cisco Spark App

Cisco Spark brings together all your people and communication tools in one secure and easy-to-use app. You can create, share, and get work done with your team regardless of where they are located.

Download the Cisco Spark App

If someone invited you to Cisco Spark, you should have received a welcome email message with instructions to set up the Cisco Spark app. Otherwise, you can download the app and set up an account on your own.

Install the Cisco Spark app on your computer, phone, or iPad and stay connected from anywhere you want.

Get the Cisco Spark App

Message, Share, and Get Work Done

Message people or create spaces to chat and share content with groups of people.

Scroll back or search to find discussions and content. Everything is saved and readily accessible in the Cisco Spark app.

meeting_icon.jpg To message a person, select +, enter a name or email address, and then select Go Chat! to start a space with them.
Files_icon.jpg To share a file, drag and drop a file into the message field, and then select Enter.
Whiteboard.jpg To share a whiteboard, select the activity menu, whiteboard, and then select New.

Meet and Call People

Start a video call or instant meeting.

You can also schedule a meeting for later with everyone in your team using the Cisco Spark app.

Answer calls from the Cisco Spark app anywhere you've installed Cisco Spark app - computer, phone, or iPad.

call_icon.jpg To start an instant meeting or call with one person or a group of people in a space, select the activity menu, and then select Call.
Meetings_icon.jpg To schedule a meeting, select the activity menu, Meetings, and follow the prompts.

Organize Your Conversations

Organize people and conversations around your groups or projects.
Find the many conversations that happen within a team and all the related files in one space.

team_100.png To create a team, select Teams, select Create Team, enter a name and description, and then select Create.


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