Cisco Spark

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View and Download Files Shared in a Space

View and Download Files

When people share files in a space, you can see or download them as they're posted. Or, you can see a list of recently shared files without scrolling through the messages.

Windows, Mac, Web

Decide how you want to get to the file:
  • See the file in the space—Click the file.
  • Download the file—Hover over it in the space, and choose Download .
  • See all recently shared files—Go to the activity menu , and choose.

Tip: If you're using Cisco Spark for Windows or Mac, you'll find the downloaded file in your computer's Downloads folder. If you're using Cisco Spark for Web, you choose where to save it.


iPhone, iPad, and Android

Tap and scroll through the file to see it in the space. Tap the Download icon, and choose where to save it.

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