Cisco Spark

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Cisco Spark App Features

Cisco Spark is an enjoyable and secure space for people to get work done, whether they’re together or apart.

Combining tools like video meetings, messaging, calling, file-sharing, and white boarding, Cisco Spark allows teams to create, share, and do, regardless of whether they’re together or apart, all in one easy-to-use app.
  • Increase productivity by providing a seamless and intuitive set of tools.
  • Create custom team workspaces that are accessible and searchable from any device.
  • Integrate with tools and applications so everything is all in one place.
  • Design, draw, and edit documents simultaneously while meeting over crystal-clear, quality video.


Connect your teams, projects, and work with spaces. A space is a secure, digital workspace equipped with video meetings, messaging, calling, file-sharing, and white boarding. All of your work lives in these spaces, accessible and searchable from any device.



Start HD video calls instantly and share your work easily. Schedule ahead with meetings powered by WebEx. Bring video into any meeting room with a Cisco Spark-enabled device


Send messages, share files, drawings, and get your work done on the go. Find what you need quickly with a fully searchable chat history, including messages and files, that’s available on any device. Features like @mentions get a team members’ attention and flag important messages for follow-up.


Transfer live calls from your desktop or connected conferencing unit to your mobile device. Experience Cisco Spark calls like any cellular call by leveraging Apple’s callkit integration. (Requires Cisco Spark Cloud Calling through a preferred media partner or Cisco Spark Hybrid Services.)


Draw from your smartphone, tablet, computer, or the Cisco Spark Board. Whiteboard on a blank canvas. Team members can draw together, at the same time, in the same room, or an ocean apart, with a Cisco Spark board or participate from anywhere using the app.


Post documents, GIFs, files, and projects to your spaces, posted in line with your team’s conversation. Your team’s content is saved automatically to the space and is always accessible when you need it—secure and searchable.


Simplify your work tools and manage everything from one place. Get notifications for a new file posted to Box or a task completed in Trello. Pair integrations with bots: your digital mini-assistants to find, access, and manage information inside and outside of Cisco Spark.


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