Cisco Spark

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Find People, Spaces, Messages, and Files

You can search through the history of your conversations in Cisco Spark to find people, spaces, messages, and files. You can search on everything or use the search filters to narrow the results.

This search filter is not available in Cisco Spark for Web.

Tip: When you sign in to the Cisco Spark app, your spaces are updated with the latest activity. During this time, the app makes sure that the information is secure. To get the best search results, just wait to start your search until you see all of your spaces display.


Search All Content

You can search across all of your conversations and filter the results as you go.
  1. Select Search and enter the text in the search field. The list shows some of the matching results. Choose from the available options to filter your search further.


Search for Content from a Person

Maybe you remember who posted the information that you need, but can't remember any other details. You can search for messages and files across all the spaces and conversations that you share with this person.
  1. Select Search and choose From: a person. Then enter the first few characters of the person's name and select the person from the list.
  2. (Optional) To filter results on a space that the person is in, type in:, and then select a space from the list.
  3. Enter additional text, such as report, to narrow down your results even further, then choose the message or file in the search results to go directly to it.


Search for Content in a Specific Space

Perhaps you remember a snippet of a conversation that you had with someone in a specific space. You can search for spaces that contain the term you're looking for.
  1. Search a space using one of these option:
  • Select Search choose In: a space, enter the name of the space you're looking for, and choose a space.
  • Go to the space and use one of these keyboard shortcuts:
    • For Windows—CTRL+ALT+F
    • For Mac—CMD+SHIFT+F
       2. Enter additional text to narrow down your result even further, then select the content in the search results to go directly to it.


Search for a Specific File

When you belong to many spaces where many files are shared, it can be tricky remembering where and who shared those files when you want to refer back to them.
  1. Select Search and enter all or part of the filename. If you see a filter, select to show only messages and files.
    If you or anyone else has shared a file by that name, you see it listed in the Files area of the search results.
  2. Select the item in the search results to go directly to it.

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