Cisco Spark

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The Cisco Spark App UI

Welcome to the Cisco Spark app. Take a look around to get used to the app's interface and how we talk about it.


Your group work takes place within spaces. They display prominently so you can get to them whenever you need to. Your most recently active spaces are at the top. If anyone has added you to a new team or space, you'll see it here too. When someone's posted a new message in the space, you'll see a blue dot next to it.


Your conversations between just you and one other person appear here. You can keep track of those important one-to-one conversations separately from your group messages.

Navigation Menu

Switch easily among your message, team, and call views. Messages appear by default, but your teams and recent calls are just a click away.


If you have some important work to finish or are on a call, let people know that you don't want to be disturbed: whether that's for a few minutes or an entire day is up to you.


Filter messages to see the ones that matter most to you.


Messages are where you chat with colleagues. We keep these messages secure so you can feel confident sharing your work ideas in Cisco Spark.


Search through the history of your conversations to find people you're talking to, spaces you're in, messages you received, and files you need.

Activity Menu

Whenever you're in a space, click the activity menu icon to get access to all the different activities you can do:

  • Message—send a message to just one person or to many people in a space.

  • Call—place a call to anyone in the space.

  • Meetings—create or attend a meeting.

  • People—see who else is in the space.

  • Files—find your shared files, photos, and whiteboard content.

  • Whiteboard—create and share content on the whiteboard.

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