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Use the Whiteboard to Collaborate on Cisco Spark

In addition to existing collaboration possibilities such as sharing files and sending messages, the whiteboard activity gives you another way to work with your colleagues. You can quickly create visuals and share them in your spaces or with your team during a call.


Create a Whiteboard  

  1. Select the Activity Menu.
  2. Select the Whiteboard
  3. After the Whiteboards list appears, select New at the bottom of the list.
  4. In the whiteboard, to go back to your spaces, select Cancel.  
To return to the whiteboard, complete Steps 1 and 2, and in the All Boards list, click the whiteboard that you were working on.
You return to the previous state of activity in the whiteboard.

Note: On Cisco Spark for Android the whiteboard is not Generally Available. It is available only to Cisco Spark Beta customers.
For more, see Cisco Spark for Android - Known Issues

Note: You cannot delete a whiteboard that you have created.


Open a Whiteboard You Created

The Whiteboards list shows you all of the whiteboards that have been created in that space. Each tile shows you a preview of the latest view of the whiteboard and the last time that it was updated.
  1. To open a whiteboard you created earlier:
    • Select the Whiteboard to open the whiteboards list.
    • Select a whiteboard thumbnail icon to continue editing that whiteboard.
  2. (Optional) In a whiteboard, select All whiteboards to see the Whiteboards list.


Share your Whiteboard with People in a Cisco Spark Space

While you use the whiteboard, Cisco Spark saves your work automatically. The latest version of your whiteboard is saved to the Whiteboards list for that space.
If you want to show others in the space what you have been working on, you can post a snapshot of the current version of the whiteboard to the message area for that space. You can also add some text to this snapshot to give it some context or to simply start a conversation with others.
To post your whiteboard to the message area of a space, select Post snapshot in a whiteboard.  
Other members of the space can access the whiteboard from the Whiteboards list and make further changes to that whiteboard. If you want to keep a record of the current version of the whiteboard, post it to the space.


Share and Edit a Whiteboard During a Meeting

  1. In the meeting area, select the Activities Menu.
  2. Select the Whiteboard 
  3. Select Share live, to share your whiteboard with the other meeting participants.  
    Your whiteboard is now shared with the other meeting participants.
  4. If anyone wants to edit the whiteboard, tell the participant to select Edit

    You can both edit the whiteboard at the same time.
  5. Select Stop live share to stop sharing your whiteboard.


The Whiteboard on Cisco Spark Board

When you open a Cisco Spark space on Cisco Spark Board, you can view, edit, and create new whiteboards in that space on Cisco Spark Board.
During a meeting, you can share a whiteboard that is created on Cisco Spark Board with a space on the Cisco Spark app.

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