Cisco Spark

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Filter Your Spaces and Content

As you use the Cisco Spark app for more of your conversations, you'll soon be sorting through a lot of messages and spaces. Use the available filters to help you easily find the messages that matter most.

All of your conversations are listed under People or Spaces. Your conversations with just one other person are under People, and the spaces for group conversations are listed under Spaces.

Select All and then choose the filter to show just the specific spaces or content that you want to see. Pick the filter you want to use:
  • All— for when you want to get a quick view of the most recently active spaces. New messages come in at the top of the list.
  • Unread—for when you don't want to scroll through messages you've already read and just want to see what's new.
  • @Mentions—for when you have limited time and just need to see who needs your attention.
  • Flags, Favorites, and Drafts—Filter by different types of saved content: content that you flagged to follow up on (Flags), and favorite spaces that you want to be able to find easily (Favorites), and drafts of messages that you haven't sent yet (Drafts).
The red badges tell you where your new activity is, and how many messages there are.


You'll also see a badge appear on the app logo, showing you the number of unread messages, unless you've turned your badges off.


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