Cisco Spark

WiFi Connection Problems with Cisco Spark App


Cisco Spark does not work when you're connected to WiFi.

Possible Causes

  • There may be a Cisco Spark service issue or partial outage.
  • A firewall on your home network or the corporate network may be interfering with the connection.


In the app, click your profile picture and select Health Checker to make sure the service is up and running. If you don't have the Health Checker, see for the current service status.

If you have Cisco Spark on your smartphone, rule out a broader connection issue by switching to your mobile data connection. This step avoids potential firewall problems and test connectivity.

If the app works when you're connected to mobile data, the WiFi connection is blocking Cisco Spark traffic.
  • If you're using Cisco Spark at work, report this issue to your administrator.
  • Open a case by submitting feedback through the app.

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