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Add Someone To a Call or Meeting in Cisco Spark

Add Someone to an Active Call or Meeting in Cisco Spark

You can add people to your call or meeting that's already started. The person is invited as a guest, but they're not added to the space and can't see any messages or shared content. You can add people who are new to the app, but you'll need their email addresses, and they'll need to register before answering. Depending on the Cisco Spark plan your company has, you may be able to add more than one person.

The person you invite gets an invitation to join the call and can join or ignore it.

Until then, the invitation stays at the top of the person's Messages  while the call or meeting is active.

Windows, Mac, Web

On Cisco Spark for Web, you can only make calls using Mozilla Firefox.
From a call, go to  and enter the person's name or email address.

iPhone, iPad, and Android

1    From a call, tap  then select   Add Guests to This Call. If you don't see any call options, tap anywhere on the screen to show them.
2    Enter the person's name or email address, then tap Invite.

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