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Permissions Required by Cisco Spark for Android

After you download and install Cisco Spark, you can allow it permission to access your device so you can enjoy the app’s full functionality. For example, if you allow Cisco Spark permission to Apps that can appear on top you can continue your video call.

Note: For Android 6.x or later, when you deny the app permissions on your device you can still change the permissions individually.

When changing permissions for Cisco Spark, go to Settings > Apps, Applications, or Applications Manager (depending on your device) > Cisco Spark > Permissions.

The table shows the difference between permissions required for Android 7.x and earlier operating systems:

Setting Purpose Android 7.x and 6.x Earlier OS
Storage Provides storage read and write permissions, allows you to upload content into spaces, and stores content on your device for faster performance. Does not modify or delete existing files or photos on your device.  
Notifications Sends messages and calls from Cisco Spark even when the app is closed and your screen is locked.
Microphone Allows you to make calls and pair with Cisco Spark room devices. The app doesn't use the microphone to record anything.
Device ID and call information: This permission lets us know what kind of cellular network you are connected to (3G or 4G, for example) to improve call performance. It also gives us access to your phone number.  
Contacts Lets the app show your contacts when adding people to a space. Your contact list is not sent to our servers.
Camera Lets you make video calls, take photos, and share them in spaces.
Calendar Allows the app to read, add, or remove calendar events stored on your phone.
Apps that appear on top of Draw over other apps Minimizes the app's video call window when opening other apps.
Accounts/Identity Finds email accounts and automatically updates email addresses.  

You can learn more about Android permissions on the Google Play Help page for download settings here, and you can learn about permissions for other device platforms and privacy issues by reading the Cisco Online Privacy Statement Summary here.

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