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Permissions Required by Cisco Spark for iPhone and iPad

After you download and install Cisco Spark, you can allow it permission to access some of your device’s suggested features and enjoy the app’s full functionality.

Go to Settings > Cisco Spark to check the iOS permissions you have granted the app. For Siri permissions, go to Settings > Siri > App Support.

Here is a partial list of the permissions Cisco Spark uses:

  • Contacts: Lets the app show your contacts when adding people to a space, and allows you to make Cisco Spark calls using Siri. Your contact list is not sent to our servers.
  • Calendars: Syncs to your scheduled WebEx meetings and links to them across apps.
  • Photos: Makes a permission request only when you try to share photos in a space.
  • Microphone: Allows you to make calls and pair with Cisco Spark room devices. The app only records sounds to transmit them but not to store them.
  • Camera: Lets you make video calls, take photos, and share them in spaces.
  • Notifications: Sends messages and calls from Cisco Spark even when the app is closed and your screen is locked. This setting overrides the app.
  • Background App Refresh: Updates data while the app is running in the background.
  • Cellular Data: Downloads space content and allows you to participate in calls and sync ups while your device is not connected to WiFi.
  • Siri: Allows you to make Cisco Spark calls using Siri.

You can read more about permissions for other device platforms and other privacy issues here.

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