Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark for Android - Known Issues

Minimum Android OS version is 4.4.

Android OS 7

  • Samsung devices running Android OS 7 may crash on startup.
    Restarting the device fixes it.
    The Android team is working on a solution.


  • Some incoming calls display as "Unknown Caller."
  • Other applications can't use the camera or microphone when you're on a Cisco Spark call.
  • Single sign-on may fail even if you've entered the correct username and password. Workaround: If your password contains a special character, some Android phones insert a space in your password during single sign-on. Try typing your password in another app such as in an email draft, and then copy and paste it into the Cisco Spark single sign-on form.


  • At this time, previews for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets do not work, but Cisco Spark will display Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint documents.
  • While the proximity feature is on, voice to text doesn't work with Cisco Spark on Android. Workaround: Disable the proximity capability (Me > Advanced > Proximity Features).

White Boarding

  • You might experience problems when zooming or panning on the whiteboard.
  • Cisco Spark may close unexpectedly if you do several zoom and pan actions on the whiteboard.
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