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Cisco Spark for Android - Known Issues

Last Updated: May 12, 2017

Minimum Android OS version is 4.0.3

Known Issues

  • Some incoming calls display Unknown Caller.
  • Setting your device to Don Not Disturb (DND) will not stop incoming calls.
  • Voice to text does not work with Cisco Spark on Android.  The product team is aware of the issue.  Workaround: Disable the proximity capability (Settings > Proximity Features).
  • Upgrading Cisco Spark shows Cisco Spark on the Android device home screen. Workaround: If the Cisco Spark icon is removed from the home screen, go to the app listing and drag Cisco Spark to the home screen. 
  • Google Play services are required.  Users will receive a "get Google Play services' message if the services are not installed.
  • Running the Cisco Spark app with other applications that require hardware like the camera or the microphone is not supported at this time. 
  • Previewing Excel spreadsheets does not work.  At this time Cisco Spark will not preview Excel spreadsheets. Word and power point documents will display.
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) sometimes fails even though the correct user name and password have been entered. Workaround:  If your password contains a special character, some Android phones insert a space in your password during SSO sign-in. If that’s a possibility, try typing your password in some other app, such as in an email draft, and then copy and paste it into the SSO sign in form when signing into Cisco Spark.
  • At this time, Spark for Android is not available in Turkey, Sudan, Russia, Iran, Cuba and China.
On Cisco Spark for Android the whiteboard is not Generally Available. It is available only to Cisco Spark Beta customers.
The following known issues apply to Cisco Spark Beta customers only:
  • For all Android devices on versions earlier than 5.0, and for a small number of devices on 5.0 and later, the whiteboard application does not work.
  • If you are wireless sharing from a desktop, the Android client will showing Incoming Call in the conversation area.
  • Lines drawn while the whiteboard is loading may be lost.
  • If you draw a large number of strokes on the whiteboard, there might be some loading and rendering performance problems.
Please report all issues you find by sending us feedback!

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