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Cisco Spark for iPhone and iPad - Known Issues

Last Updated: May 12, 2017

Cisco Spark for iPhone and iPad

  • Some incoming calls display Unknown Caller.
  • For users with a large number of spaces, there can be a long delay in downloading spaces after you sign in.  This issue is under investigation.  There is no workaround for this issue, but if you leave Cisco Spark open on the device, all spaces will eventually download. 
  • If you have not authorized Cisco Spark to access your contacts, the "Connect Contacts" option briefly appears when adding people to a space, and then drops to the bottom of the list as existing contacts are presented.
  • Video files can not be shared from an iPhone or iPad's local video library at this time.
  • Japanese, Chinese, Korean and other double-byte characters are incorrect when viewing some text attachments in iOS.
  • When you put the Cisco Spark app in the background and you're not on a call, audio is recorded for a few seconds. That's normal. It should turn off after a few seconds.  Workaround: Turn off Proximity Feature under Settings in the Cisco Spark app. If you want to use your mobile device with a Cisco Spark Room Device later, you'll have to turn on the Proximity Feature. You can always turn it back off when you're done using the room system. 

    IMPORTANT: Please don't deny the app access to the mic in your mobile device settings. If you do, you won't be able to make calls using the app or pair with a Cisco Spark Room Device.
Known Issues for iOS 10:
  • There is no notification to the remote party when a user escalates to a video call.
  • Siri calling may fail if you have more than one contact with the same name.
  • All incoming calls appear as audio only.
  • If you miss an incoming call from the Cisco Spark app while your phone is locked, no notification of the missed call appears on the locked screen.
There are some known issues for the Whiteboard activity on Cisco Spark.
  • Lines drawn while the whiteboard is loading may be lost.
  • If you draw a large number of strokes on the whiteboard, there might be some loading and rendering performance problems.
Please report all issues you find by sending us feedback

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