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Cisco Spark for iPhone and iPad - Known Issues

Minimum iPhone and iPad OS version is 9.0. To check your operating system version, go to (Settings > General > About).


  • Some incoming calls display as "Unknown Caller."
  • When you move from an audio to a video call, the person you're talking to doesn't get notified. (iOS 10)
  • Siri calling may fail if you have more than one contact with the same name. (iOS 10)
  • If you miss an incoming call from the Cisco Spark app while your phone is locked, you won't get a notification of the missed call on the lock screen. (iOS 10)


  • If you have a lot of spaces, you might experience a long delay in displaying those spaces after you sign in. If you leave Cisco Spark open, the spaces will eventually display.

White Boarding

  • If you try to use the whiteboard while it's still opening, you may lose your drawings. Wait for the whiteboard to open before drawing on them.
  • You might experience delays if you draw multiple strokes on the whiteboard while it's still opening.

Room Devices

  • You need to give Cisco Spark access to the microphone on your mobile phone to make calls or pair with Cisco Spark room devices.
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